Adoration of Mother Durga

September 24, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


      All are welcome to participate at the celebration of the Mother Goddess  DURGA ,at the VEDANTA CENTER on SUNDAY,morning at 10 AM to 1PM..
                  Prasad will be distributed at the end of the ceremony.
                         MOTHER GODDESS DURGA
    Rig-Vedic DEVI SUKTA[ book 10, sukta 125] emphasizes on WORD[VAC]  which is glorified as SUPREME POWER and is the POWER behind  every  dynamical aspect,Mother of ALL.
According to Oxford professor Max Muller[ Anthropological Religion, 1891], Mother Durga is conceived as deified Nature or an image of Divine Omnipotence.Furthermore, he praised the morning mantra[sanskrit] ¸of the brahmins ,which is as follows:
” Prabhate yah smaren nityam    Durga-Durga akshara-dvayam
              Apadas tasya nasyanti    tamas Suryodaye yatha.”
transl. He who recollects every morning the two syllables DURGA,DURGA ,his calamities vanish like darkness at the rise of the Sun.
 Iconographic representation of Devi Durga ,with ten hands with weapons,one feet on Lion’s back and another feet on the heart of the demon[ all the evil  forces] symbolizes the total victory over evil.
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