May – September, 2012

JULY, 8th

“Guru and the disciple”was shown. This was one of the Sunday lectures in 2004 of Revered Swami Bhaskaranandaji,at the Vedanta Society of Western Washington,Seattle,USAOn behalf of the society ,I would like to thank Poorni Gopalapillai for donating a computer  to the center. Moreover, Poorni along with her brother-in-law Lavanyan spent enormous time in setting up the sound system, computerized projection etc.

May the blessings of Shri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother and Swamiji  be always with them.

AUGUST 9th, Thursday, is Sri Krishna Janmastami.

Acording to the Bhagavad Gita [Chapter 10,  second verse 34], the attributes of Sri Krishna show his divine Feminine nature[androgynous nature]:

“of female qualities I am Fame, Fortune, Speech, Memory, Intelligence, Constancy and Forbearance.”

[see page 567,Swami Chidbhavananda’s The Bhagavad Gita]

The Annual General Body [AGM] of the Vedanta Society of Calgary will be held on SEPTEMBER, 23rd 2012, SUNDAY, 2PM-5PM, at the Vedanta Center [#405,4655-54th Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3J3Z4].

Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC-president]


  1. There will be NO Sunday Vedanta meetings in the Summer months of JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST [2012]. THE VEDANTA SOCIETY OF CALGARY WILL RESUME THE SUNDAY MEETINGS FROM SEPTEMBER 9th. 2012,2PM-4PM
  2. We have started to read and discuss “The Bhagavad Gita” and will continue untill the last Sunday [27th] of May. April 29th. 2012, We discussed : GITA, Chapter 2, sloka 2 and 3 [The Message of Strength]
    Shri Ramakrishna: ” He who is soft and weak-minded like the puffed rice soaked in milk,is good for nothing. He cannot achieve anything great. But the strong and virile one is heroic. He is the accomplisher of everything in life.”
  3.  The fiscal year of the Vedanta Society is from June to May. Please renew your membership[$30.00].

All donations are welcome and a tax deductible receipt will be mailed to the donors.

Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC-president]

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