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              1.   The Vedanta Society of Calgary will celebrate CHRISTMAS onSUNDAY,20th. December,2015, 3PM to 5PM,at the VEDANTA CENTER[ #405,4655-54th. Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3Z3Z4].
              Please bring your children and join us in singing Christmas Carols.
              [ SANTA CLAUS will come with gift bags at that time].
                      A  L  L    A  R  E     W  E  L  C  O  M  E
                 2. SUMMARY: HOLY MOTHER-PUJA  [ 21st. NOV. 2015]
            a]  Rev. Swami Kripamayanandaji started to perform the worship of the Holy Mother Shri Sarada Devi as Mother Goddess ” Jagaddhatri” at 10AM.
           b] Simultaneously, the following program begun:
                  VEDIC CHANTINGS by the children of the devotees [ taught by Anirban Bosu].
                   WELCOME address by the President.
                    DEVOTIONAL SONG by young devotees ,led by Sharmila Mazumdar.
              READING from ” Gospel of Holy Mother” by Patrick Thangarajah[ a student of grade ten].
                    KIRTAN sung by Ajit Muhury &daughter Adrika
               READING from excerpts from ” Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play” by Swami Chetanananda,2015,  by a grade five student  Harini
                  Devotional song by Sharmila Mazumdar and reading from Swami Nikhilananda’s “Holy Mother” by Buddhadev Guha, young devotee from Toronto.
               Guest Speaker: Rev Swami Amarananda [ Geneva] chanted the ”  Jagaddhatri Strotram”
                       PUSHPANJALI & GUIDED  MEDITATION conducted by Swami Kripamayananda
                                 40-45 min.       TALK  on ” DIVINE MOTHER- HOLY MOTHER”
                            Rev. Swami Amarananda [ RKM-Geneva]
                                   A R A T I  : Rev. Swami Kripamayananda
                During the ARATI  period
                                                         Rodoshi Bosu  sang a devotional song.
              Concluding CHORUS song ; Ramakrishna Sharanam…., at 1PM.
                         by Poorni and her father.
           LUNCH [ cooked by Sathi Datta] was distributed to nearly one hundred attendees.
              The program was organised by Anirban Bosu  under the guidance  of Rev. Swami Kripamayananda .
                                       JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                               Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC-president]
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