All are welcome to participate at the celebration of birth anniversary of Shri Ramakrishna,at the VEDANTA CENTER[ #405,4655-54th.Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3J 3Z4],on  SATURDAY ,morning at 10 AM to 1PM.
    Revered Swami Kripamayananda [RKM, Toronto,Canada] ,will perform the ceremony.
           Prasad will be distributed at the end of the ceremony.
  If you want to offer any cooked food,please contact Dharshini at 403-3831305.
 Shri Ramakrishna was asked ” why has God created wicked people ?
    Shri Ramakrishna answered :
         ” Darkness is needed ,it reveals all the more glory of light.There is no doubt that anger,lust and greed are evils,God created them in order to create Saints.A man becomes a Saint by conquering the senses.
      Shri R told the following “Ramayana” story:
       ” There is need of everything. Once Sita said to her husband  : Rama,it would be grand if every house in AYODHYA were a mansion. I find many houses old and dilapidated. Rama said : if all the houses were beautiful ones,what would the masons do?”
   ………” As the All- Pervading Spirit He exists in all beings,but the manifestations of His power are different in different beings.”
  Quotations from :.  ” Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna “,
                       JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC_president]
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