About Us

ORGANIZATION: The 19th century Indian saint Sri Ramakrishna showed that by worshipping the divine mother goddess “KALI”, one could achieve the ultimate objective of life by HER grace. Swami Vivekananda [a deciple of Sri Ramakrishna], established the Ramakrishna order of monks at the end of the 19th century, whose mission was to provide “SERVICE” towards humanity. There are “Ramakrishna Mission” all over in India as well as in most of the countries of the world, including over a dozen in the USA and one in Toronto. In abroad, the monks of this order provide the spiritual discourses not only to the members of centers but also to other communities and the organizations, if invited.

The Vedanta Society of Calgary was formed in 1973 through the encouragement of one of the monk from this Mission. The Vedanta society of Calgary is a non-profit charitable organization whose membership is open to anyone irrespective of race or religion. Since its inception in 1973, the society has raised funds, donated books and reading materials to the University of Calgary and to establish a graduate scholarship for the students of The Religious Studies department .The Society also funded many International Development projects with matching funds from the Wild Rose Foundation of Alberta in several parts of India.


Address : 160, 226 Avenue , SW, Calgary, Alberta T2X 1K4


Meditation, devotional songs, readings from the spiritual books and discussions.

Membership of The Vedanta Society of Calgary

Membership is open to anyone irrespective of race or religion, the following resolution has been approved and passed  during AGM 2010.

“The first and foremost criterion of the membership is to PARTICIPATE in the  ACTIVITIES of the Society. Secondly, those who wish to be members must apply formally  to the executives of the VSC expressing their allegiance to the OBJECTIVE of the Vedanta  Society of Calgary. Finally, a new member has to wait for three months before he/she can have the voting privilege.”

Membership Fee

The yearly membership fee is $30.00 per family. The donations are welcome and the Tax receipts are issued.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP FEE: $1000.00 per family [ Life membership should be mentioned in the VSC-receipt , only, who pay for the activities of the VSC].

Donation and Scholarships

In  2009,The Vedanta Society of  Calgary[VSC]  was awarded by Government of Alberta,the  matching donation fund of $2450.00 through the “Community Spirit Program”[CSP].  This CSP-fund of $2450.00 was donated  in equal amount to the Mount Royal University of Calgary and the Calgary Public Library towards the purchase of books on Hinduism.

The Vedanta Society of Calgary  donated an amount of $10,000.00 from the 2010 -CSP matching donation fund of $10,805.42, to the Mount Royal University and the University has established  SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SCHOLARSHIP which will  award one  scholarship par year in the amount oF ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR for ten years period ,to an undergratude student who has demonstrated advocacy for PEACE and INCLUSIVENESS.

Every year on the month of December, the Society sponsors one ” Lunch for the Needy” program through The Mustard Seed Street Ministry[ a Christian  charitable organization that provide food and shelter to the homeless people of Calgary