The Vedanta Society of Calgary is a non-profit, charitable and spiritual organization ,established in 1973. All the board members are volunteers without any financial benefit.
  on behalf of the Vedanta Society of Calgary, I would like to invite you along with your family & friends ,to the anniversary of the VEDANTA CENTER[#405,4655-54th. Avenue NE, Calgary AB T3J3Z4],which will be held on SATURDAY,OCTOBER,26th.2013,at 10AM.
                                                   Revered Swami Kripamayananda, Minister and Teacher of Vedanta Society of Toronto[ Ramakrishna Mission],has kindly agreed to conduct this program.
       All of you are also invited to participate at our regular Sunday meetings at the Vedanta Center from 3PM to 5PM. From September, the format of these meetings are as follows : a] From 3PM to 4PM: devotional songs and meditation
                         b] From 4PM to 5PM  : Discussion on “The Bhagavadgita”[ we will begin discussing the following few Sanskrit   words from the first chapter:
  dharmaksetre& Kuruksetre[ sloke 1]; aparyaptam & paryaptam[sloka 10,11].
  Ref. The BhagavadGita;
                     Translations by 1. S . Radhakrishnan[Harper Collins publs.1993]
                                                2. Winthrop Sargeant[ SUNY press,1994]
                                                3. Swami Vireswarananda[Sri Ramakrishna Math,Mylapore,Chennai- 2nd.edition,2008]
   Reminder:The spiritual Retreat on 31st. August,2013[Saturday],organised in Calgary by The Vedanta Society of Toronto and it will be conducted by Revered Swami Ishatmananda[ Minister -in-charge, Vivekananda Vedanta Society ,Chicago, USA].
                                              JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                               Ramananda Chatterjee[ VSC-president]
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