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On behalf of the Vedanta Society of Calgary , I would like to thank ALL of you to participate at the 3rd. Anniversary of the VEDANTA CENTER,which was held on Saturday,26 Oct.2013.I would like to draw your attention to the followings:

        1. All of us enjoyed very much the power point- presentation of Revered Swami Kripamayanandaji’s journey to Maanash Sarovar & Mount Kailash.[ This trip was organised by www.Eco Trek].

        2. I would like to thank the parents & their children for their presentation of the Vedic chantings at the beginning of the program.

         3.Anasuya  Chattopadhyay and Sharmila Mazumdar with their wonderful voice , created the spiritual atmosphere by singing the devotional songs.A special thanks to a student of Sharmila Mazumdar ,who presented a devotional song at this program.


          4. It is a great pleasure to inform you that a devotee of our VSC Poorni Gopalapillai attended this program with her new born[ august born ]baby boy & he is in Swamiji’lap in picture  Anniversary2013 .


           5. On behalf of the VSC, I would like to thank the following volunteers for proving the cooked food at this program: Rupak Datta, Sathi Datta, Asish Ghose, Panchatapa Chaudhury[ Munna],Sharmila Mazumdar.A few members provided the sweets&fruits, whom ,I would like to thank.

 Moreover, I would like to thank all the donors and volunteers .

      Finally , thanks all of you to attend this program and made it a memorable event to our FORTY YEARS Anniversary of the Vedanta Society of Calgary.

                                                 JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA

                                          Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC-president]




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