On behalf of the Vedanta Society of Calgary, you are welcome to participate at the celebration of ” BUDDHA PURNIMA” at the Vedanta Center[#405, 4655-54 Th. Avenue NE, Calgary,AB T3J 3Z4], on SUNDAY,29th. April, at 3 PM to 5 PM.
                Topic: Reading and discussion of Chapter 50, The Master & Buddha,  from ” Gospel of Shri Ramakrishna”.
   Shri Ramakrishna:
                 ” This shrine of the body should not be left dark; one should illumine it with the lamp of wisdom”…page-205,Gospel of  Shri R.
        Swami Vivekananda’s  PRAYER :
                    ” In life what we give to the Society should be more than what we receive”
           This is our prayer O Lord ; Fulfill it. Om peace,Om peace,Om peace.
News item : Recently, His holiness Dalai Lama ,was asked to identify the major problem in the world:
  Answer :   ” Modern education-which instead of compassion creates more desire,more ambition”
                              JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                      Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC_president]
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