All are welcome to participate at the following programs of the Vedanta society of Calgary[ #405,4655-54th. Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3J 3Z4.
                          Data and Time;
                SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH,2017,
                                  10 AM –  2 PM
                 This program will be conducted by
                        Rev. Swami Kripamayananda
            2.   The Vedanta Society of  Calgary will sponsor ” Thanksgiving Lunch for the Needy” program through THE MUSTARD SEED STREET MINISTRY OF CALGARY ” on SUNDAY,Oct. 8th. at  102 11 Ave SE, the Mustard Seed Ministry building.
           The Mustard Seed Ministry is a Christian organization that provide FOOD & SHELTER to the HOMELESS peoples in Calgary.
       I would like to draw your attention to the RIG-VEDIC mantra[ book 10,sutra 117] on ” GENEROSITY” :
    Transl. by Ralph  T.H. Griffith :
         ” The Gods have not  ordained hunger to be our death,even to the well-fed man comes death in varied shape. The riches of the liberal never waste away while he who will not give finds none to comfort him”.
   The translator’s remark : Men must NOT attempt to justify their refusal of food to the  hungry by saying that Gods send hunger as a punishment for sin.
   Lord Buddha : ” The greatest GAIN is to give to others, the greatest LOSS is to receive without gratitude”
              3. ON Oct. 22,2017, at the Sunday meditation meeting  from 3pm to 5pm, I would like to talk of my understanding of Mother Kali and SriRamakrishna,followed by questions and answers.
                              JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                     Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC_president]
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