The Vedanta Society of Calgary [VSC] gratefully acknowledges the Government of Alberta for awarding the following funds to the society.

    1. In 2009 ,the society [VSC] was awarded by the Government of Alberta ,the matching donation fund of $2450.00 through this program[CSP]. This CSP-fund of $2450.00 was donated in equal amount to the Mount Royal University of Calgary and the Public Library  towards the purchase of books on Hinduism.
    2. The society [VSC] donated an amount of $10,000.00 from the 2010 CSP-matching fund of $10,805.00 to the Mount Royal University and the University has established SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SCHOLARSHIP which will award one Scholarship par year in the amount of one thousand dollar for ten years period ,to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated advocacy for PEACE and INCLUSIVENESS.
    3. The CSP-2011 grant of $4067.00 are spent to purchase books and related materials for the library at the Vedanta Center.
  2. The society[ VSC] gratefully acknowledges  ALBERTA  GAMING AND LIQUOR COMMISSION [AGLC]  of the Government of Alberta ,for allowing the society to participate from the Casino program, to raise funds in purchasing the present building of the society[ VSC].


  Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC-president