The glorification of the Great Goddess[Devi-Mahatmya]

Source: CHANDI[ The Markandeya Mahapuranam]

Mother Goddess is portrayed as the Universal Power[ SAKTI]. The Mother Goddess is the Power of the Supreme Being[BRAHMAN]and this Power is SAKTI,the creating, sustaining and preserving female power of the Universe.[ Ref: Rig-Veda Book 10,sukta 125].

The story begins with the problem of King Suratha and the merchant Samadhi. King Suratha lost his kingdom due to the betrayal of his own people and merchant Samadhi lost his business because of the conspiracy of his family. They came to the Rishi Medha and expressed their agony and worry for their families and seeks his advice in this matter.

Rishi Medha told them that this Universe is the divine play of the Mother Goddess and if anyone surrenders to Her and pray to Her,all the problems will be solved.Thus Rishi Medha in eleven chapter of the CHANDI narrated the THREE stories related to the divine play of the Mother Goddess.

1. At the beginning of the creation, the Creator Brahma originates from the naval cord of Visnu and at the same time two demons Madhu and Kaitabha came out from the ear of Visnu. Madhu and Kaitabha prayed to the Divine Mother and got the boon that they will die only when they wish to die.These demons try to kill the Creator Brahma and Brahma prayed to the Mother Goddess to raise Visnu from the slumber to fight with these demons. Visnu started to fight but could not kill them and then Visnu prayed and secured the   help of the Mother Goddess . Visnu then told Madhu and Kaitabha that he is pleased with their war-skill and ready to bestow any boon to them.Madhu and Kaitabha told Visnu that he is defeated by them and thus promise Visnu to give him the boon of his choice. Then Visnu asked for the death of Madhu and Kaitabha as the boon and thus the demons were elliminated .EGO is the downfall of the demons.

2. The second story of Rishi Medha is related to the origin of the Mother Goddess Durga. The demon Mahisashur got the boon from the Mother Goddess that no one can defeat him in the battle and thus he conquered the heaven. The defeated gods prayed help to the trinity creator Brahma,preserver Vishnu and destroyer Mahadeva and with ALL the united forces produce DURGA to fight the demon Mahisashura.Durga symbolizes the united power of all the divine beings and thus SHE is the symbol of total victory over the evil. Durga also represent the Mother Nature Herself ,covering all the TEN directions and one feet on the Lion’s back and another feet on the heart of the Mahisashura.This icon of Durga shows the good power subdued the evil power.For the spiritual development ,one has to get control over the ten sense organs and then one could subdue both the animal instinct and evil thoughts.The divine Mothers grace is absolutely necessary to fight the battle of life. Sri Ramachandra worshiped the Mother Durga before killing demon Ravana. Arjun worshiped the Mother Durga ,before the battle of Mahabharata.Anyone chants twice DURGA,DURGA,all the calamities vanish . The worship of the Mother Goddess Durga begins from the first new moon[ Mahalayala] night after the autumnal equinox.

3. The final episode is the the battle between Kali and all the demons Sumbha-Nishumbha and his followers. Here Mother Kali symbolizes Goddess of TIME and within Her body, creation -preservation and destruction cycle is going on and on . Kali stands on the corpse like body  of Siva. Siva is the transcendental aspect and His Power [Sakti] Kali is the immanent aspect of the pure consciousness. With right hands Mother Kali gives and with left hands She takes it away.She is the only one who could take away our desire[ like raktabij] with her protruding tongue and also liberate from the cycle of birth-rebirth,if prayed for it.The worship of the Mother Goddess Kali are being held on the succeeding new moon[Deepabali]night.

King Suratha worshipped Mother Durga and got back his kingdom. Merchant Samadhi prayed for the liberation and achieved it due to the grace of Mother Kali.

Story about Mother Kali