Meeting Minutes AGM 2011




405,4655-54 th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T3J3Z4

Date and Time: 5th JUNE,2011; 2PM-4PM

The AGM and ELECTION 2011 of the Vedanta Society of Calgary started with a vedic

chanting and invocations to Sri Ramakrishna,Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.

Mrs. Ratna CHatterjee was approved as Chair-person and Ms.Dharshini Paramanathan

was approved as minutes keeper.

Chair commences the meeting as the required quorum was present.

The agenda of the VSC-AGM and ELECTION 2011,was read out by the Chair and it was


1. Agenda : The minutes of the VSC-AGM 2010 was APPROVED and PASSED.

2. Agenda: President’s report.

“ The year 2010 has been a remarkable year in the life of the Vedanta Society of Calgary[VSC,date of inception 1973],for the following reasons:


1. On September 30th,2010,the Vedanta Society of Calgary purchased the Westwinds complex at #405,4655-54th Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3J3Z4[plan 0610915,lot 28]. The purchasing price of $278,000.00 was paid  from the society’s AGLC[Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission] funds.The VSC gratefully acknowledges the AGLC for their permission of buying this place for VEDANTA CENTER. On behalf of the VSC,I would like to  thank Mr. Kishore Arora,Mr.Vinay Dey and Mr.Rupak Datta for their effort in purchasing this place. Furthermore,immediatly after the possesion of this building a lot of work has been done.


2.  The VSC applied and secured permission for the renovation of this place from the City of Calgary. The floor of the main hall was installed,walls were painted ,back door curtain installed, front sign

board and Dias etc. were put in the respective places within a month[ inaugural date was 30th.October,2010]and it was possible only due  to the enormous time and energy spent by Mr. Vinay Dey and Mr. Rupak Datta. Furthermore, on behalf of the VSC, Mr.Dey and Mr.Datta purchased chairs, kitchen utilities , washrooms materials etc. so that the VEDANTA CENTER could go through  the inaugural ceremony which was successfully held on 30th. October,2010.On behalf of the VSC, I would like to thank Mr. Vinay Dey and Mr. Rupak Datta for their contribution in developing the VEDANTA CENTER.All the cost incurred in the development[ materials and labour] of the VEDANTA CENTER came from the AGLC fund.


3.  The ÏNAUGURAL CEREMONY”of the VEDANTA CENTER,held on 30th.October,2010,was extremely successful. The VEDANTA CENTER got the blessings from the President and the Vice-President of the Ramakrishna Mission [RKM],Presidents of the RKM-USA centers of SanFrancisco and Portland. ADORATION of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda was conducted by Revered Swami Kripamayanandaji, President of the Vedanta Society of Toronto, Canada. Inaugural lecture was given by VSC Spiritual Advisor Revered Swami Bhaskaranandaji, President of the Western Washington, Seattle, USA. The Inaugural Ceremony was attended by over one hundred people.


4. The VSC applied for the matching donation fund from the “Community Spirit Program”[CSP]of the Government of Alberta , in three successive years  2008,2009 and 2010.It has been a great pleasure to inform you that VSC received and used these funds as follows;

a] CSP- matching donation fund of 2008 was $2450.00.


This CSP -2008 fund of $2450.00 was donated to the library of Mount Royal University at Calgary and Calgary Public Library, to help purchase Hindu Philosophy books.

b] CSP-matching donation fund  of 2009 was $10805.42.

From this CSP-2009 fund ,$10000.00 was donated to the Mount Royal University at Calgary to establish SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SCHOLARSHIP which will award one scholarship par

year in the amount of $1000.00 for ten years period ,to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated advocacy for PEACE and INCLUSIVENESS.Another $500.00 was donated to the Mustard Seed Lunch program. The rest of the  fund $ 305.42 was spent to purchase books to


c] CSP-matching donation fund of 2010 was $4067.29.

This final matching donation fund of CSP was received in the month of May ,2011 and will be used to build VSC’ library at the VEDANTA CENTER.

5. It has been a great pleasure to inform you that the Vedanta Society of Calgary organized the “Interfaith Dialogue” at the VEDANTA CENTER on 29th.MAY,2011,2PM-4PM.Revered Swami Bhaskaranandaji ,President of the Western Washington,Seattle,USA, gave a talk on “Vedanta and Hinduism”with special emphasis on ” Ritualistic Worship and its utility in Hinduism”[ a synopsis of it was distributed to all the participants],followed by question and answer session.A few of the Interfaith participants extended an informal discussion with the Swamiji. More than eighty people attended this program. Refreshments were served at this program.

All the above achievement of the Vedanta Society of Calgary was possible only due to the grace of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananmda. We pray to Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda for the good and success of all the Volunteers, members and Donors of the Vedanta Society of Calgary.


Ramananda Chatterjee


3. Agenda: Treasurer ‘report.


Mrs. Shipra Sarkar presented the financial statements of the Society for the year 2010 and January 2011 to 31st. MAY 2011[Society’Fiscal year is from JUNE- MAY]

The financial statements of the VSC were APPROVED and PASSED.

4. Agenda: Appointment of Internal auditors.

Mr. Prabir Chandra were elected as Internal auditors of the VSC 2011-13.

5. Agenda: Amendments of the By-Laws.

B. Membership of the Vedanta Society of Calgary

“The Vedas teach that God or the Divine Truth is One and the sages call the same Divine Truth or God by different names. To become a member,one should be a believer in this message of religious


Such a member will also be expected to help the Society and participate in its activities.

Secondly,those who wish to be members must apply formally to the executives of the VSC expressing their allegiance to the objectives of the VSC.

D. Spiritual Advisor for the Vedanta Society of Calgary

“Since VSC feels that it is morally affiliated with the Ramakrishna Order[Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission],it is proposed that Swami Bhaskaranandaji,a very senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order and also the President of the Vedanta Society of Western Washington in Seattle,be the Spiritual Advisor of the Society.

The VSC will function under his guidance.”


The Amendments of the By-Laws B and D   were APPROVED and PASSED.

6. Agenda  : Membership subscription

Annual membership subscription is $30.00.


It is proposed that a committee be formed under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kishore Arora who will bring a concrete proposal related to the Life membership agreement ,within three months period,which was APPROVED and PASSED.

7. Open discussion.

President and the Chair-person thanked Mrs. Shipra Sarkar for professionally completing the  two financial statements of the Society in such a short period .All applause.

8. Agenda:ELECTION

The elected executives of the Vedanta Society of Calgary

for the year 2011 to 2013, are as follows:

President: Dr. Ramananda Chatterjee

Vice-Presidents: Mr.Rupak Datta and Dr. Samir Sanyal

Treasurers:Mrs.Shipra Sarkar and Ms.Dharshini Paramanathan

Secretary: Mr. Anirban Bose

Internal auditor:  Mr.Prabir Chandra

Chairman -membership committee : Mr. Kishore Arora

The VSC AGM-ELECTION 2011 was concluded with Vedic chanting.