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B I J O Y A / D A S E R A Greetings to A L L

1. On behalf of the Vedanta Society of Calgary,I would like to invite you to the Anniversary of the VEDANTA CENTER[#405,4655-54 th ,Avenue NE,Calgary,AB T3Z3Z4],which will be held on SATURDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2013,10AM-1PM.
Revered Swami Kripamayananda,Minister and Teacher of Toronto Vedanta Society of Ramakrishna Mission,has kindly agreed to conduct this ceremony.
At the end of this program ,[Prasad] -vegetarian lunch will be distributed.[ Rupak Datta,403-6174177,is in-charge of the cooked food].

2. Puranic origin of the Mother Goddess is given in the “Story”section of the society’s web-site: story is from a section of “”The Markandeya Mahapuranam”and it is based on the “Devi Sukta”of Rig-Veda,book 10,sukta 125, where the DEVI declared Herself as the essential POWER of every system. The Power of DEVI consists of both GOOD and EVIL.
Mother Durga represents the mother Nature[or divine power] who keeps the evil[ demonic power] under Her feet[ or control].
The sages of the Vedas prayed to stay in the path of RITA[ right ,order,good action ,divine path or Law]. From Rig-Veda ,book 1,sukta 90[6]: madhu vata rityate …
The sweet winds blow for the person who follows the right[or rita] path.

3. Please donate & the tax receipt will be mailed to your home address.
The Vedanta Society has been sustained by the membership fees,donations and the funds raised from volunteering at the Alberta Govt. program.


Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC_president

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