We are having an opportunity to purchase a piece of land[~5 acres] with an existing two storied house [in good condition] on it.
           We are asking all the members and friends of VSC,whether we should take up this opportunity for buying this property [ price ~around ONE million dollar].
             If we all agree to purchase this ~ one million dollar property with an existing house on it , we need :
                      guarantors  and   pledge to donate $100.00 par month from at least twenty people,then we can safely take mortgage,otherwise it is not possible to have this property with a house on it ,where a resident monk can stay.
               If we all agree to it ,then and then only our dream can be turned into a reality.
           We are seeking your suggestion to this important matter.
                              JOY SHRI RAMAKRISHNA
                       Ramananda Chatterjee[VSC_president]
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